Final days at Lewis street

It’s 9 days until we leave. Everything still feels quite surreal. I have said goodbye to people I may not see for a few years but the meaning of what that actually means alludes me. The other night I said to Astrid  that I feel almost numb about the whole thing. Occasionally I get moments of clarity where it hits me that we are actually going away for a long time and how much I am going to miss people but most of the time I am thinking about what we have to do next; where to get boxes from and what item of clothing we still need. Things have been hectic to say the least. I have never packed up my life before and it seems that when you are not busily packing and cleaning, you are having last minute drinks with friends or seeing family. I guess things will start to sink in more once we are out of our lovely house. We have hardly looked at the bikes over the last week, which will probably mean a painful first day. Hopefully next week we will get more of a chance to go on a few rides. It feels like once we have moved out things might settle down a little. Anyway, I will aim to write more next week, including a bit about our gear as I know the outdoorsy, cycling types will be interested. 


4 thoughts on “Final days at Lewis street

  1. Hey Jude, good luck with your adventure. If i can give one little bit of advice regarding packing, based on our mistakes of course, make sure you know where your birth certificate is or better still leave it with a family member. Why? trust me when i say it will make it a lot easier getting a new passport if yours becomes damaged gets lost or stolen. Also look after your passport, our Australian ones have a built in design fault to reduce the chance of people altering them, if they get wet or even damp for a small period of time the ink will run on your main photo page making it unusable…
    all the best Kailash and Danielle

  2. Love your writing Jude! I am thrilled to be an armchair traveller and can’t wait till your adventures begin in earnest. Please make sure you include lots of photos…….
    See you Sat for farewell drinks!!
    Love Gabrielle xoxo

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