Trip induced insomnia

I can’t sleep and I feel like this will be my last opportunity to post before everything changes and this actually becomes real. In the next few days I will want to write about the actual cycling and the moment to write about now will have passed.

I am still waiting for the real heart wrenching sadness to come. So far things have been a lot easier then I anticipated. As I posted previously, I have had more then a few doubts about leaving home for so long and worried how I would feel when the time came to pack up my life. Of course there have been a few tears here and there and a sense of nostalgia but nothing that has remotely made me want to roll up in a ball and sob into a snotty rag. I think Astrid hit the nail on the head the other night when she said she felt like because we had planned this trip for so long and it has so much become part of our consciousness, it just is just the next logical step in our lives.


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